• Lisa Smedley

A new year... a new neighbor

Last year found me excited and anticipating my new role as the incoming president of our local Board of Realtors. I was so excited to implement my ideas. I wanted to create an atmosphere of change and connect more with our community. In fact, my theme was Unity in our Community. It was awesome. I created a fantastic team and set forth with plans and goals. I was fortunate in that we met most of what we were aiming to achieve and where we fell short continues to be in the works with the new leadership.

One of the most unexpected and most rewarding activities I did was I wrote many articles for our paper, the Springfield News-Sun. I had no idea how many people still read the paper, but I thought it was a great way to reach out and educate as well as share information regarding the local real estate market to our community. Our paper isn't as local as it used to be. Not long ago it moved and It is now produced in a larger city, Dayton, which is close to 30 miles away. It has a population of somewhere near 140,000 to our approximate 59,000. We are a smaller city and I thought a local connection would perhaps bring more unity. We all need more unity, and this was an interesting way to get the ball rolling. The feedback on the articles was quite positive!

What happened was people began reaching back. Not just individuals, but community groups and its leaders. My articles became a bit of a bridge reconnecting the real estate community with the community at large. Barely a day would pass without someone commenting on the articles. I believe people missed the local touch. Random articles from unknown authors that live far, far away can indeed be informational, but sometimes I believe people need this personal touch. I want to continue the momentum. It is rather odd to feel this sense of separation at a time when nearly everyone has a cell phone in hand nearly every waking hour. My observation is, even with this reality, the gap in communication has grown wider. We are slipping further away from each other.

Therefore, I am going to continue writing. However, this time as a blog. I hope to answer any questions and discuss current events as they arise.

We need to reach to where the people are. Admit it, you can't go to the grocery store without someone talking real estate. There are countless TV shows, home improvement programs, and more. The problem is they are often very misleading. The average buyer most certainly will look at more than three houses. One won't be too high, one won't be too little and the other won't be just right. That's not how this works in real life.

Another fallacy is the agent most certainly does not just show these three houses, write a contract, then meet you at closing. We work seven days a week, with strange and often very long hours. We know that often this is the most important investment a person makes, it's not just real estate, it is your home. Plus, you aren't some random stranger you are my neighbor. It is time to reconnect with our neighbors.

Happy New Year!

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OUR STORY:  Sue's story in real estate started nearly 50 years ago. It wasn't long before she realized she had found her calling. She has helped multiple generations sell and find their homes. She and husband Jerry raised 5 children and just recently celebrated their 53rd anniversary.  Lisa, the other half of the Lisa and Sue team is their oldest child.  Lisa's degree was in counseling. She has worked along side her mother for over 28 years. She has a strong passion for art but especially photography. An art inspired by her grandfather as a child.  This team has found a success in real estate that is based on the focus on helping people get from where they are to where they want to be.  Specializing on the individual and their specific needs.  An example would be a senior may need extra help  with planning or downsizing where the focus on a first timer or millennial is completely different.  We are all moved by our unique motivation. The Smedley Sales Team is there to ensure it is a smooth and successful transaction. A transaction that inspires  generations of friends and family to call Lisa and Sue at Real Estate II.